20 facts about me, what's yours?

Once I saw the topic of this blogging challenge, I was scared because I do not if I have up to 20 facts about me.

As I moved around today discussing with my friend and siblings, my head told me, I do have a lot about me, I just haven't sat down to think them through.

She(my head) said the only way to find out if there is a lot about me is to start writing. Here I am listening to music and trying to think through everything that I have come to know about myself and see if there is a lot or not.

Stay with me, 20 is a large number, but, I am hoping to make you stay till the end..... watch out.

I Love sleeping and I use it to distract

No, wait a minute, I am not lazy, maybe, I am, who knows? But, I do love sleeping. I use sleep to distract others from knowing I am avoiding them. That's funny....calm down, let me explain.

Sleep is my mood decoy

If I had something planned out for the day, and my friend is trying to distract me by discussing on and on about anything, I stretch, yawn, and pretend to be tired and sleepy

She will call me lazy bones, and sleeping beauty or sleeping dog, depending on her mood for that moment. I laugh, close my eyes, and plan an escape or think of plan B.

I usually use sleep positively in a way that I sleep as a form of rest or relaxation, especially after a hectic day or week. I take one day out and just sleep.

I don't cook except for seduction purposes

Yes, you heard me. I do know how to cook, but, I shy away from cooking a lot of times.

I seduce with my food

If you find me in the kitchen know that I have someone in mind. It's either I want him or her to do something in return for me or I am trying to impress them.

On a normal day, I pretend I don't know how to cook so my friend does all the cooking. Don't look at me, like that, she likes cooking, she prides herself on being able to do magic in the kitchen every time. So, I do her a favor by letting her display her skills and do it with pride.

I like fair skin guys and I am sexually attracted to them

Oh no, I am not discriminating against anyone, no, I am sexually attracted to fair guys more than dark ones, maybe, it's because I am dark.

I am attracted to fair skin guys

I do like dark guys if they can brush themselves up and dress well.

Fair guys do not need to go through all the troubles, but, if they do, they have won my heart for themselves.

You will find me flirting with fair guys more than I do with dark ones. I like them better if they have beards, because, I envy watching the contrast between their face and their dark beards, it's...I can't explain the feelings.

I love my company more than that of others

I work better when I am alone than when I am with someone. Other people's presence has a way of influencing my productivity. This is the reason I use sleep as a decoy with my girlfriend.

If I am with someone I tend to postpone my plans because I don't want them to feel ignored.

The moment he or she leaves, I wash up and start looking into things that I can do with my time.

This doesn't mean I don't like teamwork, no, I understand the importance of a team, and how each individual is important for productivity.

Team Work leads to productivity

Oh, I am aware of the phrase, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together" And I have seen it work every time. If I wanted to do something quickly, I do it alone, and then delegate it to others, if need be.

I am Sapiosexual

If you can start a conversation and ride it to the end, then, you will find me drawn to you, especially if I learn new things every time we converse.

Learn to sustain conversations

I find boring people irritating, and I won't even last long around you. You will notice I try to avoid you as much as possible. And that is because I do not see a need to be around you if silence will be our friend.

I mean, what is the essence of the company, if both of us are not talking? I might as well spend time with myself, at least, my head will be conversing with me...lol

I love reading and you already know this

I won't bore you with this fact anymore because I had told you about it since the first day we met. My books and I are buddies, you can't take us away from each other 🥺

I lie, I deceive, I manipulate

I should warn you, maybe, most of the things I tell you are not true. Some of them could be lies. I know how to deceive or manipulate, I told you about my reasons for cooking, that should scare you off..... hehehehe

Don't be scared, I promise to be sincere.....I cross my heart.

I love numbers

Whether it's Money or mathematics, I am your baby girl. I always jokingly tell people that because I love money so much, my face will be encrypted on official currency when I die as a remembrance

My strength is in numbers

I don't know how this will happen, I am optimistic, I am keeping an open mind, and my fingers crossed

I like mathematics and I know my numbers

I wish I had a close male friend but no strings attached.

Everyone I have met is always halfway in love with me, even on the first day of the meeting.

I am praying I will have someone who is of the opposite sex, but not attracted to me with strings attached.

Someone I can call a friend, and I will be able to bear my heart to him with no intimacy.

I am optimistic about this one too

I don't know how to dance

I envy those who can because I wish I could but I can't. I have tried getting lessons, but, it got complicated, and I went out.

I wish I knew how to dance

I cannot begin to teach myself how to dance in my room because it will be boring.

I am not giving up on myself though, I know I use to dance cultural dance as a child, I just don't know what happened to my feet, my arms, and my body, I just can't move them as an adult, and it sucks

I can sing and I do it beautifully

I told you this one already and I beg your pardon, let me repeat it.

I love all genres of music, and I got into music as a young child, and I haven't stopped.

I love music

Even though I am interested in more analytics things like codes and numbers, I still have my voice intact

I usually score as many songs as possible when I have the chance, and gosh, I do know a lot of songs.

I am in love with the Almighty

He is my boyfriend. He provides everything that I need. He always tells me everything will be fine, whenever I think everything is crumbling down

I don't know where I would have been without him in the picture.

I am in love with the Almighty

He is constantly watching over me, and making sure I am okay.

I cannot thank Him enough for all of his goodness, and mercies.

May his name be glorified

I don't know how to draw

This hurts more than the fact that I cannot dance. I think if I am asked to make a wish, and choose between being gifted with how to dance and how to draw, I will choose the latter.

Someone please teach me how to draw🥺
I watch with both envy and admiration at those who could make a living out of a blank canvas

Have I tried learning? Yes, and I was close to getting it, but, I stopped because I couldn't get one part right

I have this pdf I downloaded and printed out, it's titled, "You can draw in 30 days". The book was interactive and I was following through step by step, and then got discouraged on the way.

Do you think I should get a tutor for this too?

I don't have a good fashion Sense

At some point in my life, I wanted to learn how to sew and make garments. I was hoping this will improve my fashion sense.

I do not have a good fashion sense, I wear whatever goes, it is so terrible, I haven't upgraded my wardrobe in the longest while.

The universe gave me a friend to compliment my lack of fashion Sense

I am happy to share with you that the universe had decided to favor me, and brought me a good friend who has a good fashion sense, and is good with fashion designing.

She makes almost all of my dresses, and hers too. I wish I could make her turn this into a productive venture, but, I can only talk, she doesn't budge no matter how hard I try

I'll leave it to her so she can decide when it's best for her to finally dive into the creative part of her.

I may have a fashion designing company, I am hoping it will blossom and improve my fashion sense.

I learned how to drink

Yes, you heard me. It was the first thing on my list when I leave home to find myself.

I learned to drink

I couldn't do it on my own, I had this friend whom I usually go out with often on Friday nights and drink.

I practiced and knew my limits. I can comfortably follow the guys to drink and wind up home without losing myself.

I can bake with pride.

I learned this on my own with my phone and Google. I needed the money for my relocation, so I studied extensively, and turn baking into a business.

I can bake with pride

Once I was able to raise the amount of money I needed for the start of my single lifestyle away from the comfort of dad's house, and mum's food, I stopped, and moved on.

I still know how to do them. Once in a while, I bake to impress someone (I mentioned this with food) or bake cakes as a surprise for their birthday parties.

I can take up any role, form, and person.

I can be anyone...I don't mean it in a motivational way.

In reality, I can be different people at different times.

I can take up appearances

I am working on this trait because I have a feeling that my future endeavors will depend on me being able to wear as many identities as possible

I don't know what the future holds, I can only prepare in advance for anything.

Most times, I usually get this creepy feeling that I am not exactly who I am supposed to be. I usually feel as though the people I know as my family are not, but, a cover

It could be my imagination or too many movies and books....or maybe, my instincts are right.

I am a powerful Lover

If I love something or someone, I go to the end of the world to prove my love and devotion.

I am a powerful Lover

I don't believe in mediocre or half-hearted love. If I don't love you or a thing, I have no reasons to pretend that I do.....I keep you at arm's length but if I do love you....oh, seek cover... because I will sweep you off your feet.

I come from a family of writers and music lovers

My grandpa writes, my dad does, my siblings do, I write. It was when I found out, my granddad writes, that I decided I should stop wasting my writing gifts even though I love numbers.

What do you do? I write

This is why I am also here..... writing

My entire family.... extended family too love music, it runs in our veins, and blood.....it has been passed from generation to generation.

I have mine in my voice, my sister has hers more in her legs, my brothers have both....mom has both, including dad. My cousins, aunties, nephews, and uncles, have theirs in their voices and legs.

I am the one with no music in her legs(dance)... sadly

One day, I'll learn a musical instrument

It has to be a string instrument. I love them because they resonate with my voice.

I will learn to play someday

I want something that will sing the way I do even when my voice goes bad.

I need a music partner in the form of an instrument

Do you have amazing attributes too? Share them with me in the comment box. Don't forget to reblog so your followers can join in the conversation too. 🔥


Wow...that a whole lot of facts about you... I think have noted some actually.... smiles*** probably the part that deals with cooking and attracted to fair guys ohh and that part about you good at singing...cool..


Hahahhah.... You are always here, I am beginning to get used to you

Thank you for always coming around and for reading through


I do not have a good fashion sense, I wear whatever goes, it is so terrible, I haven't upgraded my wardrobe in the longest while.

your style isn't that bad, I especially admire the way you switched your tops from black, white to blue. All of them were really comfortable on you.

I could teach you how to dance, but I know it'll get complicated and you'll leave.

I hope you find that guy that'll want to be friends with no strings attached. But I know it'll take a while, we guys always fall for girls who don't want us.

You'll need drawing lessons, I could teach you too, but it'll surely get complicated because I'm a fair guy and you'll like me

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Thank you very much for the offers, but, I think, I'll pass


Woww... I can't even keep tab on all these because every single one of them is on point in a way that speaks a lot about the type of person you are. It's as if I already know you for so long and this is one of the good things about being a content creator.

Do have fun and have a blast on Hive. Hopefully, you will get to cook sumptuous meals every now and then with the purpose of impressing Hivers 😂😂

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That lie, manipulate and deceive should have come last... for impact!

I need to leave your page and go to work🤦‍♂



That lie, manipulate and deceive should have come last... for impact!

Chai, it never crossed my mind.... Next time, I promise, I'll look for ways to improve the effects... Lol

I need to leave your page and go to work🤦‍♂

I have a feeling you will go through more pages, I promise, you will enjoy every writing you click.

Thanks for coming around



I am tempted to say something... But I have to work. I really have to work.

Note to self: Please leave snoopy Iskafan alone.


to say something... But I have to work. I really have to work.

Please say something, I am listening.. lol

Please don't leave snoopy iskafan alone 😁


Oh wow! Thank God I’m fair skinned and I also have beards. Sadly… I’m a..🤐
The only thing we have in common is that we both don’t know how to dance. I suck at it. But somehow I learnt how to dance happy feet (in my shower).

Oh. Another thing, we both love writing.

Im not a powerful lover. What’s the opposite of a powerful lover? I don’t feel comfortable discussing about love, relationship and all. I get bored easily, so I like staying alone.