Our little meals of March 2022

Good morning !

Sometimes, we are trying to eat without starches, to make our meals lighter to digest .. and also because it uses less pans .. haha 😄

schnitzel de dinde et choux de bxl lardons crème.jpg
Turkey schnitzel with Brussels sprouts in a bacon cream sauce

We ended the pack of frozen kebab, yes ! It tastes good, but it's not as healthy, so even if it helps, we won't buy it anymore.

spaghettis complets kebab (2).jpg
Whole wheat spaghetti and kebab

During a walk, we went to discover a butcher's shop not too far from our place and we took the opportunity to get a few things, like the American prepared beef that you can see below in our plate. I also tried the American prepared horse meat which was very good.

américain préparé boeuf 100g tomate purée pdt romarin poivre.jpg
American prepared beef, mashed potatoes and tomat

It was a sunny day, so we wanted freshness on our plates too.

baguette complète poulet carottes chou blanc.jpg
Wholemeal baguette, diced chicken, carrot and white cabbage salad and sauce of your choice

Sometimes we get free new products from our supermarket when we pick up our groceries. This time it was a Pilsner beer.

bière Cristal Xtra Pils Lager.jpg
Beer Cristal Xtra Pils

It's not bad, but the Pilsner is not my favourite.

chicons gratin.jpg
gratin of ham rolls with endives

Our famous "chicons" au gratin, always delicious! For non-Belgians, these are endives wrapped in a slice of ham with béchamel sauce 😋

chipolatas poêlée campagnarde.jpg
Chipolata and country-style pan-fried meat

I saw on our local facebook page that there was a burger foodtruck setting up shop on Wednesday mornings in a garage car park. The meat is Irish beef, the fries are very good, the raw vegetables and other toppings are fresh.

burger Mel cheese et Melau roquefort.jpg
Cheeseburger and Melau Burger and a small packet of fries

The cheeseburger is made with cheddar cheese while the Melau is made with roquefort cheese. The prices are reasonable for the quality. 9,50 EUR for the average burger. The small fries pack was 2,50 EUR and you can see on the picture that it's overflowing from the rack that you can't even see it anymore!

dés de poulet spaghettis complets vin blanc poivrons oignons ail.JPG
Chicken cubes, peppers, onions, garlic, white wine and whole wheat spaghetti

We reduce the portions, we are sometimes still hungry before the evening meal, but then we eat 1 fruit or a yogurt or we drink some soup.

filets de limande riz basmati aux légumes.jpg
Dab fillets and basmati rice with vegetables

To change from hake or cod, I took advantage of a promotion to try dab. Well, it's very good!

poêlée cevapcici.jpg
Pan-fried cevapcici

fricadelle fin riz cevapcici.jpg
End of the cevapcici and fricadelle frying pan

Usually we ate the 1kg package of cevapcici in one meal, this time we divided it into 2/3 and 1/3. To complete the 1/3, we added a fricadelle as they call it, we would rather call it a meatball.
I used a smaller plate as well so it looks full anyways.

poêlée poulet teriyaki.jpg
Teriyaki Chicken Fry

fricadelle fin poêlée teriyaki.jpg
End of the chicken and fricadelle teriyaki pan

Again with this one!

rôti Orloff poêle campagnarde.jpg
Orloff roast and country-style pan-fried meat

I ordered 10 steaks at the butcher's shop in the supermarket. Well, I got an Orloff roasted beef instead! The shop offered to keep and eat the Beef and promised to bring the steaks, later, free of charge.
I rarely order Orloff roasted beef for the two of us, because it makes 3 or 4 meals and you can't cook it several times making it way too dry.

fin rôti Orloff gnocchis.jpg
End of the Orloff roast and gnocchi

After these well-filled plates, we were no longer hungry! lol 😂

gnocchis poulet sauce fromage.jpg
Chicken, gnocchi and cheese sauce

We are gradually eliminating our stock of white pasta, here with the gnocchi.

pâtes complètes bolo maison.jpg
Whole wheat pasta with homemade bolognese sauce

Ithara would easily eat pasta bolo every day!
But to change the meal, I changed to a grilled version of it:

gratin pâtes bolo.JPG
Pasta Bolognese Gratin

pitta gyros full options et Retsina 25cl.jpg
Pitta Gyros full options and 1 small bottle of Retsina

The full options are tomatoes, salad, potatoes, onions and tzatziki.

pitta gyros sans tomates avec tzatziki pdt salade oignons et pdt extra.jpg
Pitta gyros without tomatoes with tzatziki, potatoes, lettuce and onions + 1 potato dish with rosemary

I really like the Greek white wine Retsina, so I took a small 25cl bottle (3,50 EUR), making 2 glasses.
There was no need for the potato dish, we were already well fed with the pitta.

This Greek foodtruck is located every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening in the same car park as the Wednesday lunchtime burger foodtruck.
It wasn't bad, but we prefer Turkish pittas. The Turks apparently use chicken or beef, while the Greeks use pork (which is quickly overcooked and too dry).

schnitzel de dinde et poêlée bretonne.jpg
Turkey schnitzel and pan-fried Breton meat

poulet curry riz carottes.jpg
Chicken rice curry carrots white wine

riz curry poulet poivrons oignons échalotes ail romarin thym vin blanc.jpg
Chicken rice curry peppers onions shallots garlic rosemary thyme white wine

Our quick and easy dish with or without carrots 😋

steak 85gr poêlée bretonne.jpg
Steak 85gr Bretons' pan-fried vegetables

So we got the steaks, which I packaged to put in the freezer, 170gr each steak.
I simply cut them in 2 to make our daily rations

steak stoemp carottes.jpg
Steak 70gr and carrot stoemp

Stoemp is mashed potatoes mixed with one or more vegetables, here with carrots. It is a typical Belgian word.

steak carottes oignons miel thym.jpg
Steak with carrots, onions, thyme and honey

I had some carrots left over, and as it was freezing and snowy here, I made a honey sauce to warm the atmosphere up a bit.
With this lunch, I'm already a bit ahead of April's meals.

Enjoy your meals, Bon appétit !


Author of the pictures : florenceboens


C'mon! @isiksenpalvoja! All these delicious, mouthwatering dishes! Hahaha. I feel like eating them all. They are in small portions, so it's okay. Did you prepare them yourself or you are at a restaurant?

I like the dab fillet and basmati rice. I like fish. Lovely pictures! 😍 !LUV


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