The Education Debate Challenge: How Do We Learn?


How Do We Learn?

This is my first post in several weeks and I wanted it to be about something important. When I saw the "Education Debate Challenge", I immediately thought this would be a perfect reentry into the blockchain blogging world.

Being involved in the education of 5 small children, we have to address the over-arching question of "how do we learn". If we can't answer that question, we can't answer the question "how do we teach?"

We Learn by Doing

When it comes to education, the most effective way to learn is to do. That makes the first challenge inspiring children to desire doing, instead of having others do it for them. (This is a challenge even for adults!)

Once the mind-set of DOING is established, overcoming the fear of doing something for the first time, then the educational experience can begin. But this is just the start. There is more needed to learn.

We Learn by Failing

This is a tough one. The reason we rely on "experts" is because we think if we do it ourselves, we'll fail. If we begin the "doing" process with this mindset, as soon as we have our first failure, it confirms what we suspected all along - we should have left this up to the experts. Someone else should do it.

But this is a catastrophic mistake. By first learning by DOING, we continue learning by FAILING. But where do we go from there? Do we just declare ourselves a "failure" and quit? NO WAY!

These failures are not on purpose, we don't want to sabotage our efforts! The failures are inevitable. As much as we avoid failure, we can't avoid them all. We do our best, try not to fail, but WHEN we fail, we have to remember it's part of the learning process.

Once we realize that failing doesn't make a person a failure, but is part of learning, we will have the will and power to continue on.

We Learn by Solving Problems

This may seem oversimplified, but it's difficult to learn just for learning sake. In fact there is very little motivation in learning just to learn. This is what public education does. They say "sit down, behave and learn!". BORING. I don't want to.

Going through the process of first DOING, then FAILING, now we are in a position where we can actually LEARN. We learn what works, what doesn't work. We have a clear obstacle to overcome and a clear goal to accomplish. We solve the problem and through the process of solving the problem, we learn.

Or if we are unable to solve the problem, we still learn! We learn different methods of solving the problem that DON'T work - and when (or if) the answer presents itself by whatever means, we have learned how to address the problem in the future.

If the answer never become known, we continue DOING and DISCOVERING problems that CAN be solved!

We Learn by Not Giving Up

Living by this process of DOING, FAILING, PROBLEM SOLVING and PERSEVERANCE, we will eventually become "Educated" through this learning process. Every step has the potential to cause us to quit - but by setting our minds to gain experience we will not give up on the learning process and improve our ability to solve problems.


I hope I've simplified this process as much as possible. It's really not that complicated. I cannot claim to follow this perfectly, it's tempting to NOT DO and AVOID FAILING and delegating PROBLEM SOLVING to someone else and GIVING UP. But this is the complete OPPOSITE to learning.

We must DO, we must FAIL (not on purpose mind you), we must OVERCOME and we must NOT GIVE UP! And at not point in this process can we jump ship! These are the steps that lead to learning.



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I love that you covered failing in this. We have such terrible mindsets when it comes to failure, it's certainly a good idea to start trying to change this early.