dCity First Edition Card Printing ENDS March 19th



Last Call on 1st Edition dCity cards!

We knew this day was coming, the first edition cards are going out of production. I'm sure they will be abundantly available on the market (for cheap), but with game mechanics coming, we are about to see these cards burned (@null) and becoming more and more scarce.

Also valuable - future editions do not focus on population as much as the first edition, so cards like the Apartment are likely going to become more valuable. Get them on the market for cheap!

Cards were valued at 4 HIVE each, but with current market conditions, some common cards are less than 1 HIVE. Whadda deal!


3rd Edition Sounds Complicated: But Not Really

In practice, I don't think 3rd edition will be a confusing as it sounds, introducing all sorts of new buildings and rules - game elements that make the game much more interesting.

Buildings will be "combined" to add new benefits, some buildings are "loaded" to add new benefits. New technologies are coming, along with new "disasters" which we are all going to suffer from.

These new changes may do one of two things: either gain new interest in the game and new demand for 3rd edition cards, or people giving up and dumping their SIM and cards on the market.


My instinct is the former, that new complexities appeal to current dCity players (whales) and the urge to OPTIMIZE their city with the new features will be irresistible. If this is the case, we will see more players holding on to their SIM or investing SIM into new cards. My hope is that by keeping these off the market, the value will improve and the heavy tax burden will be lifted.

This is good news for dCity players!


Do You Have a dCity?


One of my favorite "low time investment" games, since it mostly runs on auto-pilot. Unlike other games that require more playing, this game only requires tweaking every few days. It's mostly an optimization game and an investment game, but I wouldn't recommend playing just for capital gain.

If a player is willing to invest 100+ HIVE buying SIM while it's low, they can build a pretty good city that produces about 200 - 300 SIM daily. At the moment that's not much (as SIM prices are so low), but there is great opportunity as SIM recovers as the 3rd edition comes out.

Rewards: For Fun and Profit

IF you have an effecient city, you will mine SIM tokens daily. They can be used to purchase more city resources and technologies, HODL for SIM POWER to vote for president or sell on the market for SWAP.HIVE.


If you purchase/mine enough SIM (8000+) and hold for at least 30 days, you build your SIM POWER and will find daily HIVE rewards coming in! Noice!


Build enough population to receive RANKING REWARDS!


Mining resources like BEER, WEED, ENTRY and GAMER tokens - have a productive city!



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