CENT Powerup Day! 5000 CENT Powered up!

Today is CENT powerup day! This is the day when we take our earned or bought CENT tokens and power them up! Today, I purchased 5000 CENT tokens from the market (SWAP) and powered them up to my account.

Proof of POWER UP!

In addition to earning greater curation rewards, I am able to upvote #CENT posts with greater effectiveness. It feels good to have CENT Power (along with other tokens) so when I give my 100% upvote (100% of the time), I will know it will reward the content creator as much as I possibly can.

Now my VP is another issue, but I try to keep that around 50% if I can.

Why Use #CENT?

By using the #CENT on your posts, sometimes you will be curated by @centtoken which rewards plenty of CENT tokens when the post pays out.

Also, using the tag brings greater awareness to the token. The more people familiar with the token, the more likely people will be to invest!

What can a user do with CENT token?

CENT is unique among the tokens since it was intended to be valued (not pegged) to $0.01 per token. This means that at current prices, it is extremely DISCOUNTED. The 1500 CENT (worth in theory $15.00 USD) only cost me about 4 HIVE ($1.12 USD). That's a 92.5% discount!

  • CENT can be powered up for CENT curation rewards
  • CENT can be delegated to @lolz.cent account for daily LOLZ tokens
  • CENT can be invested in a liquidity pool, SWAP.HIVE or SWAP.HBD are my favorites
  • CENT can be invested in the brand new SWAP.BTC liquidity pool which offers great daily rewards.

There are also promotions and prizes like this post here. With a colaboration with INLEO, there are all sorts of bonuses that can be achieved with CENT token.

So Easy to SWAP! So many options!

If you want to swap some swap.hive for CENT, it can be done at tribaldex.com or hive-engine.com or beeswap.dcity.io

It's so easy to turn ONE HIVE into over 300 CENT tokens! If CENT token returns to it's $0.01 USD value, you could be swapping your HIVE for $3.00 each (theoretically). Of course market conditions vary, CENT is not pegged to an actual US CENT, this is not financial advice, do your own research, invest at your own risk, bla bla bla. You get the drill.

Will we see CENT @ $0.01 USD?

With so many things going on with CENT token, it's certainly not impossible to see CENT worth $0.01 each (currently 0.051 HIVE). Right now, you can get about 15.7 CENT tokens for 0.01 SWAP.HBD. That means we're talking almost 17X potential increase!

A Token that Increases in Value

Given the various opportunities that #CENT has to offer, one can see why POWERING UP this token is a good idea. Earning those curation rewards and rewarding others makes the pursuit worth the effort.

I believe CENT is VERY undervalued right now. Any of this token stacked (staked) now MAY have an increased payout later on. Just look at the performance over the last few months.

Of course past performance does not ensure future gains. But also as they say: "trend is your friend".

Anyone who bought CENT when it was 0.0020 is very happy now that it's 0.0032


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Is the CENT token's runner/owner actively maintaining it? Or, it's similar to ALIVE?

I kinda lost interest in the Layer 2 tokens. Too centralized! Most of them are run by a single person. If any happens to him/her, the project vanishes!


Is the CENT token's runner/owner actively maintaining it?

To my knowledge it is run by one person and he is actively maintaining it. There is always the risk with any investment and there is no guarantee that it will perform well in the future. However, I have seen some very promising events and collaborations with other tokens. I see these collaborations as decentralizing the Layer 2 tokens, since if one goes down for some reason, other tokens can increase in value and make up for it. Diversification.

it's similar to ALIVE?

Would the project vanish if the runner/owner doesn't maintain it? It could, but ALIVE is an example where the token is sustained by the community without a central runner/owner. ALIVE token is still worth more than most other tokens, even now. The token has been maintaining a stable value. As far as I know, ALIVE is still the only layer 2 token that rewards daily tokens for stake. DHEDGE, LOLZ and BRO tokens are all stable income generating tokens. And the ALIVE:ALIVEM liquidity pool is generating daily BEE rewards. ALIVE is very much still ALIVE.

CENT is more straightforward, less overhead. Focusing more on simple trades between CENT and other tokens, liquidity pools, contests, etc. My interest in this token has to do with it being undervalued, rather than overvalued.