Monday! Telling about EXHAUST!


Good day!
The week starts with a lot of work!
But in that post, I want to say a couple of words about Exhaust.
Last week few people reached me on Discord and comments on my previous posts. They asked about @exhaust community and asked how does it work. And what is it?
I was happy to share my knowledge and experience, and I hope to see more and more people around the Exhaust community.
I try to keep my sports activity reports short, so readers don't get bored while reading them. I know that there are people who don't like it, but haters will always exist.
Currently, most of exhaust community members are English-speaking people, and I want to make it more multi-lingual. Unless it will violate community rules...
I will write a post about Exhaust in the Russian language soon. I know the Russian community is growing up these days.

Maybe you have any ideas on how to help to grow Exhaust community up? How to develop it?

Have a great day!

I just finished a yoga activity that lasted about 0hh:30mm:0ss !


Check out some detailed info at my EXHAUST page
Join me in testing out EXHAUST!


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