[Ecency Art Contest 2] Video tutorials release

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Good day, Ecencians!

I hope all you have heard about amazing #ArtEcency contest that was organized by @melinda010100. If you don't know about it, then hurry up and participate!

The contest has started 10 days ago, but last week this month I am super-puper busy and really don't have much time to do what I really like to do. Here should be a super sad face...

But, I had an idea to do something special, creative and helpful. I am really bad in everything what is related to the creativity, especially drawing, video making etc. But on the other side, I really love 'creativity', and I love to create something new.

And, a couple of months ago, or probably a couple of couples of months ago.... I was inspired by idea to create short videos about Ecency. But of course, I didn't have enough time, I didn't have enough inspiration, I didn't have enough skills...bla bla bla... Nothing has changed since that time haha But, despite on it, I decided to start doing it!

I will make a short videos about Ecency. I will share with you what I know and what I think. And I hope my these videos will be helpful to you and will motivate others to join Ecency!

**Also, I will appreciate all critics, all recommendations, all ideas! **

I will upload all videos on my new special YouTube channel.

Thank you!



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