March 9th. $3+ in Daily Quest?!


Good day!

Today was one of my favorite Daily quests in Splinterlands. Guess which one... I will give you a hint. It requires only 3 wins!

Okay, I am sure you learned which one is it. It is too easy.

I think I finished today's daily quest in 1-2 mins. Okay, maybe it took a little bit more because I was waiting when my opponent will fill up his/her deck.

But, the most awesome thing is the loots I got! Look at it!


I got a Chaos legion pack! 1 pack costs around $3 on Hive Engine now, but the official price is $4. I didn't open that pack yet... And I am not sure should I do it or should I keep it for a while.

But imagine if I am lucky enough and if I get a legendary or gold foil card?!

Also, today I received 6 cards! 6 of 8 loots are cards! Yes, they are pretty cheap, but I like those cards :)

These days I spent a lot of DECs... I got addicted to card shopping. But I am sure all these cards are cool and necessary :)

Now I am going back to work! See ya!

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