IAAC Days 27


Multi challenge Objectif
The challenges will be carried out in two separate accounts:
@invest-time and @token-thx
After thinking about what I already own and sorting it out on my tokens.

# Objectif @invest-time :

# Objectif N°1.
I'll start by trying to get 10 000 ALIVE

# Objectif N°2

Each BRO generated by ALIVE in stacking, will be sent to @token-thx.

# Objectif N°3

Once the 10,000 ALIVE is reached, each ALIVE earned beyond that will be sold to buy ARCHON.

# Objectif N°4

To have 1000 ARCHON in stacking, each DHEDGE won by the ARCHON in stacking will be sent to @token-thx

# Objectif N°5

Once the 1000 ARCHON is reached it will be resold (in addition to ALIVE), to buy CTP

# Objectif N°6

Once the 1000 CTP is reached it will be resold (in addition to ALIVE / ARCHON ), to buy lassecash.

# Objectif N°7

Once the 100 000 LASSECASH is reached it will be resold (in addition to ALIVE / ARCHON / CTP ), to buy LEO.

# Objectif N°8

Once the 500 LEO is reached it will be resold (in addition to ALIVE / ARCHON / CTP / LASSECASH ), to buy POB.

# Objectif N°9

Once the 500 POB is reached it will be resold (in addition to ALIVE / ARCHON / CTP / LASSECASH / LEO ), to buy BEE.

# Objectif N°10

Once the 1 000 BEE



***# Objectif ***

Each token won with its last will be resold to buy BEE.

# Challenge BONUS

Tried making LTC faucets, bought 90 day hive power delegations.

Uploading image.png #16

And in the long term, having 1,000 HP without having to have gone through a delegation

The objective certainly seems long, but will go faster and faster once an initial objective has been achieved.

The final goal of BEE will be to be able to stack the thx token.

You can help me by buying THX tokens, price at 0.006 unity, which would help me buy BEE.


You can also help me with the project by giving me a token donation or a delegation of hive on @invest-time.

For a delegation of 10 HP over 7 days, THX tokens + a random token will be distributed every 7 days to the delegator.
For each delegation, per 10 HP will earn you 1 THX, every 7 days.

For the moment this token is not worth anything, while the project will not be finalized.

0.01 THX and offered to each voter.


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