Are you living in the present??

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Our life is stacked with experiences that we judge as extraordinary and horrible experiences, normally we think and judge the things that happen and we grieve for the dreadful conditions that we go through persistently looking for an explanation, yet exactly when we consider them horrendous, at any rate when advantageous things happen to us we never reflect or can't help thinking about why me? how could I manage merit this blessing? I once read a book called The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leon Tolstoy (Lev Tolstoy).

It is about a compelling lawyer who, standing up to quick moving toward downfall, thinks about his regular everyday practice and acknowledges that he has not experienced it as he should have because he is unfilled and alone in his condition; However, and notwithstanding the hard plot about the events incorporating his entrance towards death, I comprehend that it researches the void and vulnerability towards what we can't manage, and not what we handle and it is such a request of why we fight? Envision a situation where we could have an unrivaled downfall.

Life and passing are sisters in this world and in spite of the way that the realities affirm that when we walk around the ownership of the principal we for the most part see far away or deny the other, it is reliably there, believing that its change will go with us on the outing into the dark, so continuing with life in the little scaled down universes that we have made for ourselves is a phase that we regularly take capriciously and as a general rule looking towards our past (which is no longer there) or towards our future that will reliably be sketchy considering the way that paying little psyche to the destinations we have, destruction will reliably be keeping things under control for its turn.

So if we change this reviewing such incalculable things lived and this keeping it together for what tomorrow will be; for what today is being, for what I am feeling today, expressing profound gratitude to each subsequent we are experiencing in the present and we regard each smile and each tear, living genuinely every accomplishment and each defeat; getting up each time we fall with the enjoyment of understanding that we are alive, feeling the breeze stroking our face or the deluge falling, similarly as the burning sun burning-through our skin when we are uncovered; understanding that we without a doubt don't have any conviction of what tomorrow will be, anyway we do understand that we are experiencing today and what we are doing today. Since our entrance through this world has a significance for us and it has an importance for others, yet that importance for us is the one that means a full presence, it is the walk around this world being in it, without having a spot with it .

As of late I saw the record of a child in a Latin American country who was resolved to do unselfish works and was killed when he was run over on a highway in the wake of having done his continue to go reason work, recorded on record, the young person was only 27 years old; if we regard his life from our viewpoint, dependent upon which one we have, we can envision that his life will fill in to go about as an outline for some that in a short period of time various advantageous things ought to be conceivable; On the other hand, if we see it as indicated by another point of view we can accept that he treated it appallingly considering the way that tomorrow everyone will neglect to recollect him and he quit doing various things for him, to devote himself to noble cause, and there is a third point of view that is basically the vision, to acknowledge how full his life was at the hour of meeting the unfortunate sister called destruction, which says I am content with what I am feeling and doing as of now and it doesn't have any effect if tomorrow I am not because my today has all that it should have.

To have meaning or not to have importance in all that we do is to give it the value that we think it has as demonstrated by our feelings and experience, a portion of the time we continue with presence without significance for us simply thinking that it suggests something for our overall population or our present situation without understanding that we are not really living totally; so the thing is living totally?

As of now, on account of the situation of the pandemic, various lives have had a stop, as such, various people have stopped continuing with their lives examining continuing or normalizing it when everything closes and right now it has been longer than a year since everything started, likewise, in case we are at this point completing things or not completing things, deferring them for when everything closes, we ought to consider it better and change this strategy for doing it, all in all, start continuing with life today, without contemplating that future that we were unable to say whether it will come and significantly less how it will come.

At any rate, do I have to continue with life like there's no tomorrow? Continuing with life today is where we appreciate, feel, mope and cry each second preposterous is being and not for what will be, where we do things understanding that today are giving us every so often astounding results yet the association matters and not the result and that paying little psyche to tomorrow we are being happy today, which doesn't infer that we do things that pulverize a possible future.

How is it possible that that would be done? For example right now of making these words I am not contemplating the quantity of people will get it, or if they will like it or not, or if it will make banter or not, essentially less in the impact it may have or not, I am fundamentally living it, appreciating and feeling in every keystroke I am giving, letting course through my cerebrum the contemplations that follow.

Moreover right since we make the decision to do things we have never done at this point have expected to do, because perhaps we have reliably feared the dark and don't confront difficulties for what people will say, we have reliably been joined to a viewpoint that holds us back from seeing past, considering the way that it is by then of researching all of these things that we are encountering the present.

What am I doing another approach to show up at these experiences? I'm doing what I like to do and have reliably yearned for doing, which is to permit my mind to broaden and go past the physical, past the certified, past dreams, having as an honor, the pleasure of feeling fortified at each second with each made word, with each image that crosses my contemplations, examining stories as enchanting as the presence of Stephen Hawking for example, who at around forty years old lost his flexibility absolutely anyway sorted out some way to go past through his imaginative brain, perhaps in an escape from reality that subjugated him and got various things done, possibly without genuinely proposing it, as Ludwig Van Beethoven who despite his deafness sorted out some way to make the most astounding outfit anytime heard, yet how might I envision that ensemble influenced him? Since, assuming that we interiorize in his energy and in his experiences since I am not enlivened by his social legacy yet in his internal fights, his ghosts and his insidious existences, similarly as Horacio Quiroga, Vincent Van Gogh anyway not seen from the psychological viewpoint yet rather supernatural and human since it is a secret to accept that we capitalize on his works so a ton, yet we don't comprehend the person behind them and the fight that was maturing inside him, nor the gloriousness of his world that at times we think or judge according to the story that we have been told, instructing us to follow the case regarding how he achieved a particularly lot with so little, or with such incalculable limitations or condemning the implosion of a couple and the frenzy of others, without getting that, they just lived and that the people who made them images or pictures, were us generally speaking after death; all in all, a portion of the time they were not regarded by their time or culture, yet by various events and various social orders.

Now and again we are sold as a component of never-ending status the truth of leaving a legacy, all in all that we need to live in one or the other way to deal with do it, yet is it sensible that we atonement living our present to leave a legacy that may simply be esteemed by later ages and that depends upon the social characteristics to which this legacy is abused not to change, since, in such a case that they do, by then you would leave a backslider legacy, as of now if your joy is the compensation of today in mission for a future legacy by then do it, be happy considering the way that we are taking a gander at living today and being happy today with what we have and what we do.

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