Watch out, Is the market going back?

After the optimism rate of many people rose and the bitcoin rose above the 40k level, then it started well at 41k, the bitcoin is back again and now reaches the 37k price, so before I start talking about the decline in the price of bitcoin and the rest of the currencies, I would like to salute the future traders and how they can control the price. Their nerves in this market are going against expectations.

In the Bitcoin market, how can I bet on the decline or the rise? It is really very difficult. When all the possibilities and expectations indicate and you suddenly see the green color in front of you, as if you are in front of a traffic light, but without the yellow color “Get ready” you find the red color in front of you, so if you cannot control your nerves or even If you can of my opinion retire future.

We currency holders have hope for a new rise with some positive news. At least we still have our currencies, but for future traders, you are exposed to a catastrophe called liquidation.

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Now back to the market:

From the chart at the bottom, we find that the bitcoin in the past days has taken a downward curve in a large and regular way. We are facing a gradual decline, as if the liquidity is withdrawn from the market little by little, but this is not the frightening thing.

I think the fear here if the previous wave was a false bull wave and we will return again to the sad bear market then and after the optimism that prevailed in the market in the last period, if the bitcoin returns again to the 30k level, the visit to the twenties will not be temporary this time.

So I hope this is a slight corrective drop and we are back on the right track again.

With the decline of Bitcoin, Ethereum, which everyone was praising in the past days, could not control its price, and today it fell by about 5% to reach $ 2465.

Now we are all waiting for what the coming days have in store for us.

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