Good indicator in the market despite the previous drop

Certainly our hearts were broken when Bitcoin fell this violent decline in the past days when it reached the price of 28 thousand dollars and certainly two categories of negative people appeared, one of them says a bubble and repeats it over and over again, and the other says the bear has appeared.

But in any case, we will try to be more logical than emotional. At this point, Bitcoin has returned. Yes, Bitcoin has returned to the previous level, and all those negative thoughts and opinions that were pouring out on us from social media sites, comments and tweets all disappeared and returned to their burrows.

Now we will try to look more positively at the cryptocurrency market from a technical and psychological point of view. After the decline of Bitcoin, it rose about 4 thousand dollars from the previous drop to reach about 32 thousand dollars, and the green color began to cover the Bitcoin indicator again. This is not the only positive point that I want to write today. .

Distinctive positive point

In my view, the positive point is that the market is largely freed, but not from the close association with Bitcoin, but from waiting for a long time until Bitcoin returns and stability, and then Altcoins start following it.

Rather, when the Bitcoin returns, the currencies follow it directly, but a large number of Altcoins rise at a greater rate than the rise of Bitcoin, and this is the good thing from my point of view. Certainly most of the market and more than 80% of it as a minimum are from small traders who have capital less than 1000 dollars, so the Investing in Bitcoin and taking advantage of its ups and downs is difficult for us so we are moving towards other currencies and this is a good point for us.

Previously, the Bitcoin drop was a disaster for Altcoins holders because their wallets were bleeding a lot before Bitcoin stabilized and then Altcoins followed suit.

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Bearish markets like this can be good times to invest in the right altcoins.