Did We Miss Out on Altcoins?

At the beginning of this year, or specifically at the end of last year, the price of Altcoins was very low compared to what it is now, as it multiplied dozens of times, and also compared to Bitcoin, whose price reached almost $10,000 and increased about 6 times, but this is not a number.

Yes, 6 times is not the tempting number, while currencies such as ADA and BNB have multiplied dozens of times, so if you are a bitcoin Hodler , you should feel heartbreak.

Of course I'm not talking about currencies like SHIBA or Doge, a rise above 100x might drive you crazy if you think about how you lost the opportunity in such currencies.

But not to speak here now in order to make you bemoan the past, but perhaps to reconsider together to the treasure and how the number one does not tempt me except that it is Bitcoin, but you have to look at the buried gems, but ...

Don't look away, I'll give you a space to look into it, which is the top 100 coins in the Marketcap. If you look far from that except for some promising projects with a fruitful history, you are wasting your time for nothing.

Did we miss the chance?

We come only to the answer to the question after that long introduction. Did we lose the opportunity to profit from Altcoins after ADA, Doge and BNB reached the highest peaks? I tell you, no, you have not lost the opportunity yet.

You still have a chance of winning at least 4x in the top 10 coins and 10x if you are lucky to find a good coin in the top 100 coins in Coinmarketcap.

Imagine with me, dear, if Bitcoin reaches 200k, the numbers that you see now are astronomical in Altcoins, it is still a very good opportunity. Good luck to all.


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