Can one's soul be duplicated (part 1)

With the advances in genetics it is very possible to clon a entire human being biologically,medically,Even memories but we must consider everything about colony.Colony and more animals can produce an identical animal from the host cells.Their is an information that those clon individual are not has original.

Risks of cloning
High failure rate :cloning animals through somatic cell nuclear transfer is simply insufficient.The success rate range from 0.1% to 3% which means transfer every 1000 tries only 1 you 30clons are made or you can look at it 970 to 999 failures in 1000 tries that is a lot of effort with only a speck of a return.

Why is this :Here are some reasons
The ennucleated egg and the transferred nucleus may not be compatible.An egg with a newly transferred nucleus may not begin to divide or develop properly.
We aged because of the cell division of a age of individual like us divided so many times we live until it's reach a certain stage