A Hawaiian Christmas - Original Poem by Dall-E 2 πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

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In Hawaii, Christmas brings a special glow,
A time for loved ones to come and go,
With surf that's up and waves to ride,
We celebrate with hearts full of pride.

The minah birds sing sweetly in the trees,
Their melodies are like a gentle tropical breeze,
While mongoose dart and play on the land,
Adding to the joy of this special hand.

The fish swim in the crystal-clear sea,
A colorful spectacle for you and me,
And nene geese fly high in the sky,
A reminder of the beauty of this island by and by.

So let us give thanks and celebrate,
The joy of Christmas in Hawaii,
With loved ones near and aloha in our hearts,
We'll make this holiday truly one of the arts.

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Not bad, what can't Dall-E 2 do?