Hypnotized to See a Leprechaun

Since it's now St. Patrick's Day proper where I live and not just based on GMT let's focus on an actual hypnosis video with a fantasy leprechaun.

I found the video linked below on the Feel Good Hypnosis YouTube channel. It features a hypnotist named Turan hypnotizing a volunteer subject named Mollie. This demonstration of hypnosis was part of an event in Belfast, Northern Ireland focused on cosplay and gaming back in 2018.

There are four other clip links of Mollie hypnotized in the video's description on YouTube. One is of Mollie receiving hypnotic induction as a crowd of cosplayers watch. The one in which Mollie believes a woman with purple hair is Britney Spears was rather amusing. The other videos are of Mollie having trouble counting and forgetting her name.