RE: 60% APY LasseCash pool / 600% APY Puppy pool, new tokens: LasseDoge, LassePepe and LasseHippo

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First, I need to screencap that. If you ever realize how bad of a reply that is you'll edit it out like you so often do with your most ignorant blog posts.


The rewards a spread out more now

Spreading shit out over a cracker doesn't make it peanut butter. It's still more zero utility tokens you minted to temporarily give you an APY brag while the liquidity proviiders of the LasseTrash pools have to get more and more shitcoins in their wallets daily and nobody wants to buy all the zero utility shitcoins you mint. You're just spamming your shitcoins.

which is why much of the rewards went to me in the beginning.

I am fairly certain that you getting most of the rewards is due to a combination of greed and "get rich quick" scam mindset. See your blog post "I have a feeling that I might become the richest man in the world."

You and marky is delussional BALLHEADS, which have minus value for the world.

States the retard that claims not being able to see a football-field sized space station from a quarter million miles away proves that the Earth is flat.