RE: Very hyped about XEN

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It seems like you wanted to use Steemit/Hive to get rich quick. That failed. You thought known scammer Richard Heart's Ponzi scheme HEX was going to make you rich quick. For some reason you can't quite figure out how that scam burned you but now you're chasing after another crypto fad. Meanwhile you are spamming wallets on Hive with a dozen worthless tokens because somehow you'll get rich quick through XEN so maybe you can buy your own worthless tokens back since nobody else will to make all those worthless tokens seem like they have value.

The phrase "It's turtles all the way down" is rather fitting since you are a flat Earth supporter. Instead of an infinite number of turtles supporting a flat Earth you are counting on one crypto fad on top of another to support the crypto fad you call "Lassecash" and all those other spam tokens in your liquidity pools that won't be going anywhere anytime soon..