Mango rain



The palm can support the world, but the mango has accepted the dark call of good. (Igor Barreto. From the book: Tierra negra. 1993)
Currently in Venezuela we are in mango production season and in certain localities this fruit is given in excess as an infinite rain that unfortunately is wasted. Mango is the third most exported tropical fruit after banana and pineapple. It is grown in more than 100 countries, including Venezuela and therefore in tropical climate countries being one of the most consumed worldwide. According to FAO (2015), it has a production of 28.8 tons. By 2013 India had the largest harvested area in the world, 2,500,000 hectares representing 46%, China 8% and Thailand 7%. These three countries have more than 60% of the world's planted area.

Among the main mango producing countries we have:

  • India with 42% of world production
  • China with 10% - Thailand 7%.
  • Indonesia 5% Mexico
  • Mexico 5%.
    Among the exporting countries are:
  • Mexico 21%
  • India 16%
    -Thailand 15%
  • Peru 8%.
In Venezuela the mango season runs from February to June, some varieties and others from June to August, but this varies according to each area. For 2019 the main challenge was to place the first container of fresh mangoes in Europe. Estimates were 60,000 kilos per month and 5,000 kilos per plane. Spain represented a very important export market.

Venezuela has a huge variety of mangoes due to its climate and location, but for export only two are the most offered.
However, nowadays this kind of initiatives as others have been reduced and nowadays we can observe in many places the images of huge quantities of mangoes rotting in the middle of the streets in the dumps.


Our planet is full of badly distributed riches that are wasted in some places as in this case, while in others they lack the necessary to survive.

Hopefully someday the scales will make these situations change so that all of the people of this beautiful planet will benefit from what in other places is surplus, because the salvation of some is in what others have in their hands.



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Written by Nadia Padrón: @hojaraskita



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