Recalculate your own strength

Expectations may be high but must be reasonable. Recalculation of self-strength is very important to be able to reach a possible goal. If you ask your children, what is your dream? Maybe they will answer pilots, doctors, engineers or other great professions.


The answers given by the children were based on desire not self-potential. Are the children wrong? They are not wrong but for us adults, such an answer is certainly wrong. You cannot become a doctor without having graduated from medical school.

Seeing your potential is very important to achieve real goals.What is your education? What skills do you have? How much financial support do you have? Questions like these are important to ask ourselves. Then, make a roadmap with the business or venture you want to do. You also need to question whether I am suitable to be an entrepreneur or a worker? Don't let you plunge into the world of employees while your mentality is a rebellious person. You won't be working with such an independent mentality for long. You may be more suited to be an artist, businessman or a profession with minimum supervision.

Who are you? What are your strengths and weaknesses? After that go for sure!