Materialism and happiness

Materialism is a doctrine or view of life in which a person places a high value on the material or property he owns.The measure of a person's success is only measured by how much wealth he has.On the one hand, materialism is good but on the other hand it is bad. Materialism will make people eager to work and innovate to achieve wealth goals. So far, materialism is not a problem. However, materialism will become a problem when someone who is trying to achieve his dream of success and has a lot of money justifies any means.

Someone will do illegal acts to earn money. He also wants to always look luxurious.A woman will not want to marry when she meets a man who looks shabby or seems penniless. What matters is money, looks and possessions. However, the reality can be the opposite. There is a person who has the appearance of a poor person but is actually a rich man.

We have to put the materialism in the right position. Materialism will be the motivation to move forward in an elegant and commendable way like someone who struggles to win a talent contest. A roadside singer who wants to improve his life and then wins in a talent scout contest. His desire to win is the impetus of materialism. The emotional impulse of materialism that fits in its place. His motivation finally led him to become a rich person and become famous.
My question is what kind of people do we view materialism as? Are we the type of people who justify any means to make money? Or one who strives elegantly for success and wealth?