Solution not quite 12-move

During the week, 0 hives and 2 times less than $ were won. Congratulations to everyone.

Let's turn to the party:
just now ( white dropped 3 pawns to line up on the a2-g8 diagonal, time to make more serious sacrifices

and checkmate with the 12th move.

I saw 2 such variations during the game, but surprisingly, checkmate was faster. No one found this and did not win money by branching. Well done!

Total amount of material offered as a sacrifice: 3 , , (2), , (2) + done on time 0-0-0:)

Accordingly, anyone who dared could get rich, but in 3 social networks the daredevils were busy

  • in Hive, almost no one can read, and bots are sharpened for the number of characters, and this is called "proof-of-brain"
  • in twitter, traditionally, the public sharply masturbates on primitivism and internal pussyness
  • in the їbaloneybook, the masses are self-sacrificingly sitting in an asshole that is bigger than Russia. in mutual joy and in sorrow
  • Ame№

I remind you that the chess kingdoms are able to finally defeat the khuylocracies in a season for 5 years already, and you, apparently, are going to fight for another five years and be filled with real feelings

in case of misunderstanding, as always, you can translate the original into your native language and get more or less the whole of the two options

In the community, you can pre-posts on chess-political topics in your favorite jargons of any language. And then give a link to the original in the English version


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