interestingness settings in the coordinate system

I have written many times (briefly!) about interestingness, but people who do not taste diversity do not really understand what it is about and continue rowing in the same position. The formula of interestingness can be derived for any phenomenon, and the more variables there are, the cooler the results will be. In the comparison table, where a dozen settings of chess rounds are taken into account, it may look like this:

MonTueWedThuFriSatSundaily 17.34GMT

Today is Friday, the interest of the last round is halved because of the bullet, which is a compulsion to berserk.
The logic is this: marathon runners, like sprinters, also have legs, equal conditions, all ages are submissive to love, let them run, it's nice. And also the leaders will make mistakes, it will be enchanting in general.
It's not cool, unfair, and some thinkers are of little interest.

If every product, work, person... had a pair of hashtag matrices, calculated by the will, we would automatically predict the % or number of matchability points.
It is strange that cuddly monkeys have not thought of such a civilizational thing for thousands of years.
According to the working scheme, interestingness is determined by phobias and the mechanics of attraction to well-known bollocks.
А в пріроде ебётся конём всё, что надо попробовать с тем, что нуегонахў і дайте две (untranslatable gamememe)
Children imperceptibly turn into inert masses, which are manipulated by anyone in their dumb-snouted interests. Life experience leaves the majority in the web of the only true position, and because of them everything flies into the pussy, although it could into a brighter future
So the sooner a will is created with the function of calculating 4 matrices, the less life time will be burned, and the more interesting it will becomeпамятка
in case of misunderstanding, as always, you can translate the original into your native language and get more or less the whole of the two optionsв случае недопоніманія вы, как всегда, можете перевесті орігінал на свой родной язык і получіть целое із 2х варіантов
In the community, you can pre-posts on chess-political topics in your favorite jargons of any language. And then give a link to the original in the English versionВ сообществе вы можете предварітельно размещать посты на шахматно-політіческіе темы на ізлюбленных жаргонах любых языков. А потом давать ссылку на орігінал в англійском "чістовіке"
WHERE WRITE SOME OTHERгде напішете нескољко іное

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