What’s The Possible Effect Recession On Risks Assets


So many controversial statements has been made as regards the crypto assets bitcoin and ethereum as the bloomberg intelligence macro strategist says that the two digital assets are in for a correction duly to potential deflation and recession. The macro strategist boss shared on Twitter a graphical representation comparing both digital assets to the federal reserve.

In he’s words he says that we don’t Blame $2,000 Ethereum, $30,000 Bitcoin. If risk assets peak, markets may be in early the days of adjusting to disinflation, which is normal in recessions, but the Federal Reserve may never loosen with the ease it has in the past. Enduring deflation could be reciprocal.

McGlone says that the worlds gold might be a better performing asset than digital assets bitcoin and ethereum which he says that he thinks it is pulling back a little today, but I think it’s inevitable that gold gets above this $2,000 an ounce level and never looks back. And the key catalyst is the stock market potentially rolling over.
So I see this as just the catalyst for gold to take off. It’s one of the few commodities I’m really bullish on because everything’s starting to tilt downward towards deflationary trends.

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