The Year Still Remains Bullish For Risk Assets And Cryptocurrency Amidst The Macro Conditions

Crypto Analyst Raoul pal says that he still believes that the year still remains positive for risk assets and cryptocurrency, in the beginning of the year the primary digital asset bitcoin was seen to gain some strength with the bullish candles that was seen overall the crypto market in general.


In a YouTube session he went on saying that regardless of the macro economic situation which we are currently facing, that the two top crypto assets bitcoin(BTC) and ethereum(ETH) will perform greatly if the assets will print a new all time high that we ain’t really certain on but we will witness some strength.

In he’s words, he says that he thinks [what] we’ve actually got here is a very ordinary recession driven by the Federal Reserve raising rates and prices going up too fast, which means that people can’t buy as much stuff because your wages aren’t going as much and so everything slows down.

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