The Cryptocurrency Space Still Present A Maximum Opportunity For Bulls

As we are all gradually moving out of the embarrassing moment which was felt during the past week, it is said that the current state of cryptocurrency present an opportunity for bulls in the sense that a new market cycle is taking shape. An analyst is referencing the current situation of the crypto market to that of an pendulum ball, which I think he is referring to oscillatory motion which he says that;

“The pendulum no longer has momentum, all the sellers did their thing while the pendulum was in the middle. When the pendulum (market cycle) reaches an extreme, the perception of time here is different: price falls with less force, volatility is reduced and price is compressed. Think about the second when the pendulum is right at the extreme, when the momentum that drives it upwards is countered by the force of gravity.”


Dating back historically bitcoin saw it’s all time high November 10th and it has also seen it’s all time low of $15,600 this same month and date. Which when it witnessed it’s all time high it was said to have moved beyond it’s pivot, as regards this movement he has this to says;

“Now, you are experiencing one of the most magical moments of a market cycle, the farthest point from the center, the farthest point of the orbit. You are orbiting the point of maximum financial opportunity.”

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