The Crypto Market On Track To Recovery From The High Profile Crypto Exchange Collapse

When will the US federal reserve pause it’s monetary policies as it’s projected that when this position is reached, we will see a rebirth of the crypto assets. The Feds interest hike has been something that has played a role for the market recovery after the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX.


Bloomberg analyst Anthony Scaramucci says in a publication that he doesn’t believe in the Feds declaring victory within 4% to 5% as he says that there will be a rebirth of the risk assets due to the short recovery of the market.

In the same report he highlighted that the collapse of FTX which has made other crypto inclined businesses to go bankrupt, another indication which he spoke briefly on was the world economic forum which he says that the world leaders pessimist about cryptocurrency as an entity.

At the time of writing bitcoin was trading below $23k.

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