Some Catalyst That Will Influence Bitcoin Bullish Movement To $30k

What are the macro economic factors that could possibly ignite a bullish run to $30k, a crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe was giving he’s own view on how this could be possible.


In a tweet he says that of recent bitcoin has been on the bullish side and from the recent market movement we have seen this as green candles is been seen on the side of bitcoin. In he’s words he says that;

“The odds of a relief rally have been increasing recently, and I think it looks good.
All need to be fueled by inflation dropping more than anticipated and the potential pause of hikes.
That will give the relief of Bitcoin towards $30,000ish.”

Poppe is suggesting a 72% BTC potent movement for bitcoin, inflation hike and the serval interest hike that was seen last year that was done by the federal government reserve is a factor which is been looked at closely.

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