Reasons Why DAOs Are Better Than Cooperations In Recent Market Times

In a recent publication which was made by the ethereum developer as regards this school of thought which he titled, DAOs are not corporations: where decentralization in autonomous organizations matters.


The ethereum developer and co-founder gave three reasons to back up this claim within the lengthy publication and these reasons are;
Better decision making in a decentralized environment; from study we have often seen that in decision making in a centralized environment it happens to come from the board of members and these decision that’s taken is review by the chair of that board or CEO of that institution, but for the decentralized there is nobody heading the group these decisions go through a voting consensus and it’s done with the governance token.

The second point which he spoke of was the Resistance To Censorship; “ applications that need to continue functioning while resisting attacks from powerful external actors”. Which most of the applications or platforms with DAO enjoys the long term investment/investors.

And lastly the system being Credible fair; “applications where DAOs are taking on nation-state-like functions like basic infrastructure provision, and so traits like predictability, robustness and neutrality are valued above efficiency” from the reasons which he gave it’s pretty much obvious the hedge which the DAO has over traditional cooperate organization with boards.

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