Putin On The Reliability Of Blockchain - Based International Payment System

In the recent world, blockchain technology has really gained the public eye has regards security and the level of transparency it possesses. In recent event the president of Russia is calling for the international community’s to embrace the technology as he says the payment system is pretty much suitable to the recent world.


In the reports which was published by the news agency, Putin says that;
“It is possible to create a new system of international payments based on digital currency technologies and distributed registries, much more convenient, but at the same time completely safe for participants and independent of banks and third-party interference.”

Which he also shaded the current payment system which he claims that it is being ran and governed by some selected individuals and entities (both government and private owned).

“In the conditions of the current illegitimate restrictions, settlements are one of the attack lines. The current international payment system is expensive, and its correspondent account system and regulation are controlled by a small group of states and financial companies.”

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