My First Experience With IDO’s And Pre-Sale|Cryptocurrency Opportunities


My first token presale experience was a wild one, so last week I decide in taking advantage of crypto projects by taking part in the IDO sale event which means I will get the crypto project token at cheaper rate before it start trading on CEX, DEX platforms.
So I part took in a few crypto projects which are $HTE, $LMWIRE token which I bought these tokens at 0.06$ and 0.3$. It took some weeks before this tokens were released to me.

The first which I got was $HTE which I was issued 20% out of my token bought and when they finally listed they were not even able to stay above the IDO sale price which the price started dumping.
I still same thing will the $LMWIRE launch with the hype I was so expectant that the project would list above $1 if at most but that wasn’t how it played out as the token listed at $0.8 before I could execute a sell order the market had dumped to the price of the token trading below price bought which $0.2.

Was really disappointing situation for me as I did expect a-lot from Limewire because the hype surrounding the project and the platform which has been in existence for over a decade which the token was built around.

So what’s the point pre-sale or IDO’s when the project will be listed below IDO’s/ Pre-Sale Price?

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with the nowadays crypto sentiment + the hopefully ended bear market just behind our back, even more people do the same like you: speculate with new projects (I do the same). However, complaining about that your picks were not the winning lottery tickets... :) :) :)

the pre-sales don't exist to pay off 10-100x within few days, weeks, months for speculators. The point is financing the project, for investors still getting in it cheap, for users both. For speculators... maybe you get 1 out of 20-30 which will skyrocket.

based on your logic: started to gamble, bought lottery tickets, you lost and complain... i guess you don't do it with lottery... :)

anyway pre-sales are not the same how it used to be. maybe in the next year+ it will change, in another big bull run.

and if you choose a new project, better to pick layer one blockchains with real project, use cases for long term. in that case, even if your speculation doesnt work, it can be mid-, long-term investment.

my last pick was MINA. did great. and pre-sale was sold out within few hours. the better projects usually sold out within a day (max few days), most of the 1-6 months 'pre-sale' projects, coins (99%) by the time turns out to be scams or shtcoins..

good luck to your next pick!