Metrics Suggest That Bitcoin Is Closing In On It’s Bottom Despite The Current Price Crash

With the recent bitcoin and crypto market price crash, is predicted the we are hitting the bottom soon. From the metrics gotten from on chain chart which suggest that bitcoin is nearing it’s bottom, the head of into the block Lucas Outumuro in their research says that bitcoin holders of 2020 are currently loosing money from their position which they are holding since the said year.


From what I can gather form this claim is that he is relating that the recovery of the market is bent on the amount of holders the ecosystem has relating to the recovery with happened on 2015, that it took a longer time five months to the exact for investors portfolio to be back in profits compared to 2018 when it took three months for us to witness a bullish run.

Lucas on the other hand gave in exact how much that has left centralized exchanges so far this year and also the growth of bitcoin wallets, to me this situation is more of the most said phrases in economics which is “Demand and Supply”.

“Demand from long-term investors slowly creates a floor for Bitcoin in bear markets and they typically begin to sell to new investors shortly after new all-time highs.”

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