Is Embattled Crypto Exchange FTX Influencing The Current Bearish Market Situation

Middle of the year, it was projected that towards the end of the year we will be witnessing some greenish cable movement in the crypto market price. Well the table I will say, has taken another turn with the two big players going head on which I will say is something that’s breaking the internet at the moment.


With Binance selling off its FTT assets, be attributed to the current crypto winter or another leg of the bear market. Which we have seen the crypto giant bitcoin loses 9% and other alternative coins nothing pretty much to write about as they have suffered the massive blow.
So bitcoin is about to hit rock bottom which most people has been predicting since the last quarter of the year that bitcoin will reach or touch at least the selling price of $14k. Why are we going from here bitcoin seems there is no way home.

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