Hive Fest 2022 | The Virtual Experience Taking Advantage Of Tech

Technology is fast evolving which is bridging the communication gap with two parties, I wasn’t fortunate to clinch a free ticket to hive fest/ conference but I had an online experience of it. First and foremost I want really want to appreciate the organizers for this event, and also those behind the scenes pulling the strings to see that this years edition a success.


This year edition of the hive fest was held in the Netherlands, which from the photos which for some couple of days has being circulating round the blockchain seems to be a beautiful and serene environment.

Day one was more of introducing current projects and upcoming projects on the blockchain, some of these projects that was spoken on was the NFT’s for peace. We are all aware of the current geopolitical situation between Ukraine and Russia which is tagged as a geopolitical war earlier this year, the hive blockchain was offering help in so many forms to the affected citizens.

Even if I wasn’t physically present I could feel the excitement and how entertaining the event was, I didn’t even know that there was a hive 2021 which it was said to be held VR (Virtual Reality). I haven’t seen pictures of the food but it defiantly going to be nice and great, thanks for the photos which that was shared.
Well I look forward to the next one, I hope I be opportune to be around the environment of these awesome personalities and great minds.

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