Gradual Dump Of The US Dollar Might Potentially Lead To Domestic Inflation


The geopolitical war between Russia and Ukraine is still pretty much present and Russia has being on the part that hurts the most as they have faced several sanctions from other counties especially the US which has crumble it’s economy. But it’s been reported that some assets which was seize by the United States its taking a turn on it’s fiat currency which is the dollar.

The act is said to be a sabotage by the Feds on the worlds dollars reserves, as so many countries are looking for alternatives to avoid this in future terms. The economist and the crypto bull Tucker says that he thinks actually that history will record that that was the turning point for the dollar. Since 1944, the dollar has been dominant, even after the end of the gold standard in 1971, the dollar has been dominant except as a paper currency. That has really changed with the attack on Russia and the sanctions, because a lot of those assets that were confiscated by the US – just arbitrarily – were denominated, of course, in dollars.

Now, if the US puts its political might behind other peoples’ willingness to hold its currency, and bludgeons them and attacks them and criticizes their policies and actually confiscates assets, then that just discourages people from holding the dollar. So suddenly you have a situation where all these very powerful and important countries are saying ‘we need to do something about this. Let’s dump the dollar, we’ve got to move on to something else.And they can do it, it’s starting to happen.

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    I believe it is not the end right now of the US dollar. We are going to have maybe a system with the BRICS countries, crypto, and for sure the US dollar.