Exchanges Raising The Defense Banner Amidst FTX crash

With the crash of FTX other Centralized exchanges are coming out in quest for trans piracy, Binance started the thread of the transpiracy quest with several releases of their balance sheets(reserves). The chief executive officer of coinbase in an interview says that he’s exchange place focuses on the retail side of the space which he was trying to separate it’s self from the SBF’s exchange;


“Essentially there are two business models in the cryptocurrency space, right? One is the brokerage model, where our platform, for example, is a counterparty to the transaction, and every time our users buy or sell crypto, we immediately hedge the other position to have zero market risks, and we take a fee for providing the access to it. This is 95% of our business. That’s also 95% of the business of Coinbase.

Will path of transpiracy solve the issue with the ecosystem is currently facing?

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