Crypto Regularization | The Stable Coin Transparency Act

With the FTX crash so many investors and their investment hit rock bottom, as Shank Tank Investors says that he won’t be involving himself in any crypto related projects if the senate does not put some regulations to the system to prevent what sort of happened to FTX.

In he’s words he says that he was a part of the spoke person for FTX and also an investor too, but he says that he not going to part take in any crypto based projects any more if regulations are not put in place.


“Yes I’m a shareholder in FTX International. That’s a zero. It’s not the first time I’ve made a bad investment, probably not the last time. But luckily I make more good ones than bad ones and I learn from my mistakes. What’s going to happen now is there won’t be another situation like this for institutional investors ever again. We’re simply not going to put capital to work until this stuff gets regulated. What is occuring – and I’m just one voice in it – what I’m going to be doing, is I’m going to fly to Washington and I want regulation. I want it now. No more delaying. I think this puts tremendous pressure on the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission).”

The venture capitalist speaks that he’s obviously parting ways with the exchange and if you can want to have a view about the stable coin act see link

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