Crypto Big Picture Institutional Investors Already See It And Are Taking The Advantage

Institutional investors are not taking sides on where the crypto market is heading to, as they see every direction has an opportunity. Taking a look at the worlds economy we can see that the movement of the crypto market is inline with other market options such as stocks, shares bond etc and the influential catalyst that might act of the price negativity or positivity can affect the crypto 2X, 3X more. Traders institutional investors are taking a huge advantage of this with their continuous accumulation.


So many crypto analysts are pining the next bullish run to the next bitcoin halving that is scheduled to happing 2024 may, as historical precedent shows that bullish run is always accompanied with bitcoin halving. This historical event happens every four years, looking at the price for these period it tends to move in an upward trend around these period. If it follows the same path as it did thirteen years ago a 800% in ROI from it’s current trading position of $17k is reall possible the year president to it.

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