Bitcoin Is Still In The Buy Zone Opportunity Amidst It’s Bearish Movement

The sudden bitcoin market movement is a bit worrisome as it’s been said that the that we are about to experience another market correction which analyst are projecting that the next leg as regards price in which bitcoin is about take if it’s not able to hold it’s current support level is below $18k.
We all understand that the bearish market is the period were you should buy/ build your portfolio, as the market will present you with various opportunities but with the current market uncertainty is lt idealistic to invest?


A crypto analyst is on the opinion that bitcoin is still in the buyable zone, in he’s words he said;

“Extended sideward range forming within the buy zone. Would like to see held.”

As he made a tweet thread taking a look at the bitcoin market chart saying that bitcoin is still within it’s buy zone. From the monthly MACD he said that;

“The monthly MACD did wonders for predicting the top [loss of momentum/ blue arrow]. Histogram is now as over-extended as previously… and on a similar time-range. Bullish [for optimal buying as opposed to buying the top].”

Well my advice for any trader or investor is that do your home work before taking the leap.

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