Before Next Bitcoin Halving The Bitcoin Price Would Tripple

A crypto analyst is saying that before the next bitcoin halving the primary digital asset could triple in its market price, in an YouTube session which he informed it’s audience that a strong rally always follow up after a strong bitcoin halving. Taking a look back in time which he gave some historic chart as regards this which he says that;

“Historically, Bitcoin begins to rally 15 months before the next halving. The next halving is expected April or May 2024 – lots of rumors flying around it could happen in December of 2023, depending on the actual timing of the bocks if it goes to less than 10 minutes. I’m still sticking with the April timeframe, 2024.


November 2022 is 15 months away from that halvening date… Bitcoin tends to finish 39% from where it traded 24 months prior to the halving, and that would imply March 2022 at $45,538 times one plus 39% [($45,538* (1+39%)]… That should take us to $63,160 by March 2024.

And remember that is not the end of it. After the halvening is when the real action happens. But before, there is a run. So just think about that. Fifteen months from now is a little more than a year and a quarter, not a long time. Bitcoin can triple and then can do a lot more after that.”

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