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HELIOS is a fresh and active new community initiative established for HIVE, situated on the 2nd layer of the HIVE blockchain. Our primary focal points are BURN TO VOTE, BURN TO DOWN VOTE, and BURN TO CREATE ACCOUNTS, all of which are powered by the HELIOS token.

With the communities assistance, we aspire to further enhance and expand our efforts on the Burn to Create Accounts front by enabling anybody (not just native HIVE users) to sign up for new accounts from our webpage.

This final stage of our account creation module will be quite a complex task so we're asking for your support to help fund the manhours to develop the front end. This will entail the acceptance of Layer 1 HIVE, HBD, & or other various external cryptocurrencies like BTC (Lightning), ETH, AVAX, and other low-fee coins.

Skin in the Game!

We've already launched a live working account creation platform for all our native users to create HIVE accounts here: https://accounts.helios.surf.
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We urge our supporters to test it out for themselves to get a better idea of the task at hand before voting for our proposal. Logically our next step is to extend this capability by making it compatible with other blockchains, so we can create the smoothest transition to HIVE possible for a vast array of new users. To complete this project we humbly ask everyone to help us support our endeavor by voting for our funding proposal of 10 HBD / day!

Cost Breakdown:

Two-thirds of the funding we're seeking will go directly to our developers, while the remaining third will be set aside for marketing and the costs associated with it. As you can see we run a very tight ship with very little funding left over, so that's why we need YOU & are asking for minimal support from the HIVE DHF fund.

"Teamwork, that’s what counts in an organization like HELIOS… All for one and one for all!"


The foundation of HELIOS stands on a very strong cornerstone, and we have the track record to prove it. Our team of developers is exceptionally experienced in the ways of the HIVE blockchain and is continually working hard to improve every facet of our business model.

The HELIOS Roadmap:

Our goal is to complete three major phases for onboarding the masses to HIVE. Once we have the means to sign up new users under our belt we can begin an external marketing campaign for the actual onboarding process. In order to onboard new users we have to understand what users want, & what attracts users the most is the opportunity to make financial progress.

Phase #1 NFT Marketplace:

These days NFTs are a very popular hip new way to go viral and make money, so we would like to add a "BURN TO CREATE NFT" module to the list of our core modules. A simple NFT marketplace will be one integral step to attracting users who would like to participate in the NFT boom.

Phase #2 HIVE Ad Suite:

The second phase in our roadmap is to develop a fully functional advertising suite of tools, similar to Adsense and Adwords, except users will be able to earn HIVE, HBD, & HELIOS instead of linking a credit card up as Google does. An advertising platform service for our users will be a huge way to attract a whole new segment of entrepreneurs to the hive. They may not even be signing up to blog, they may only be signing up to participate in our own worldwide crypto ad network.

Phase #3 Marketing:

The third phase of the HELIOS roadmap deals with putting the newly built ad network to work while promoting our NFT site along with our in-house HIVE-powered Ad Platform. Once users have the ability to sign up and have new and exciting incentives to sign up, (Phase 1 & 2), phase 3 will launch an advertising campaign through our partners (Google) to attract multitudes of new users.

More about the future of HELIOS!

Our plan involves building out our website in a similar fashion to Hive-Engine Tribes, except it’s going to be a slimmed-down version with trending & featured posts on the landing page. Our front end will rely mostly on our own search engine instead of displaying every post on the Hive. This new HELIOS community site will have the ability to create accounts, post to other communities, & have our featured posts gain traction through our slew of exciting new ad features & revenue-earning tools.

"Think of the future of HELIOS as hive.blog meets Google!"

HELIOS will be the melting pot where decades of old code culminate into a revolution of NEW blockchain data processing HIVE. In the beginning, the HIVE blockchain was born & ushered in a renaissance of change, thinking outside of the box. This type of thinking requires us to "break the chains" and constraints of ordinary thinking to go even further than ever before. Teamwork is the essence of the HIVE, and for that, we sincerely and humbly ask for your support by voting for this proposal HERE! UNCLE HELIOS WANTS YOUR VOTE!!

& Always Remember... Let the HELIOS POWER be with you!

DELEGATE HIVE POWER to @helios.voter -- Earn 20% APR!*
HODL HELIOS & earn -- 15% HODLER Rewards!
BURN HELIOS & earn -- 30% ROI on your posts!

*APR may vary slightly due to the price cap mechanism to reduce token mint rate & increase demand which could result in a lower APR but also increase the value of the token due to supply & demand.

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Let's Connect... Follow @helios.voter &...visit https://helios.surf/

Also, contact us on the official HELIOS-VOTER Discord Channel or send a discord message to coininstant#9760.

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