The voting competition is live! Vote for


This is a gentle reminder about the competition already going on, and it will be over soon.

The voting competiton is on, it will be coming to an end June 24th at 04:00 UTC. Read more about it and how to vote here


Voting for CTSI makes you eligible for the 1,000,000 CTSI airdrop amongst others. You also get the chance of getting a share of $7,500 in CTSI if you refer at least 5 people to vote for CTSI.

In addition, 5 lucky winners will win $100 in CTSI each in a lucky pool on Twitter. Check the tweet

What are you waiting for? Vote for CTSI today!

CTSI is a great project focused of solving problems for DApp developers, it is simply the operating system for DApps

To know more about the Cartesi project:
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