How Will The New Cardano Update Help Users?


After a long delay, the "Marie" update of the Cardano project appeared and opened starting yesterday.

Mary is the name of the new Blockchain Cardano update.

With a basic illustration, the “Mary” update will enable the Cardano Corporation to do exactly what Ethereum is doing, and the update will allow Cardano to assist various resources and enable customers to set new cash standards and stable monetary standards.

As we advised, "Mary" is the furthest from moving to Cardano, which will give a comparison with Ethereum, but without the need for smart agreements.

This means there will be no issue with exchange fees, a problem Ethereum has regularly encountered that has rendered its organization nearly unusable for retailers hoping to exploit the decentralized financing DeFi.

With Mary Fix, customers can appreciate the feature of computerized tokens production, for example, non-interchangeable NFT tokens, and their control on Cardano.

Mary's update joins two important updates, with the introduction of many new features and departments previously unavailable in Cardano, such as assistance with various computerized cash forms in the organization, and support for decentralized financing projects and agreements, as assistance to decentralized applications.

Mary's redesign is an important update that will open up an area of ​​new opportunities for both the Cardano people group and the organizations that use the Cardano blockchain.

Cardano Update and ADA Advance Cash Cost:

True to form.

Marie's redesign aided the positive assumption among the Cardano group of people and paid for the ADA cryptocurrency 250% over the last 30 days.

Currently, ADA computerized money is among the top three cryptocurrencies by absolute market value.

In the past seven days, the advanced cash has appreciated nearly 30%, and the ADA is currently trading at $ 1.20, as evidenced by coinmarketcap.


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