The Traditional Way of Treating Influenza or Colds




What is meant by influenza or colds (Javanese) is that the nose always runs out of mucus, the head is dizzy, the body feels feverish, eating and drinking is not good. This is because too much rain
So to prevent from contracting the disease is if we run out of rain soaked up to the head,then immediately wash your hair with warm water. After that, the whole body and head are dried with warm water. After that, rub the whole body with bobokan, for adults that have been dissolved in hot water and added with a little lemongrass or eucalyptus oil.

Warm and will avoid the flu. If you have contracted influenza, the ingredients for the medicine are as follows:

  1. Secang wood 20 grams
  2. Bengle as big as index finger
  3. Cinnamon the size of your ring
  4. Fennel pulasari 1 tablespoon
  5. White bidara 1 tablespoon
  6. Babakan pule as big as your thumb

How to do:
a. Material number 2 to 6 is washed
and peeled, because it is a stem

b. Ingredients number 1 and 5 are
fried very much like frying
coffee. When it's half cooked,
ingredients number 2 and 6 are
mixed and fried at once Kalnu has
entered and is dry, but don't let
it burn, take it down from the
fire then the ingredients are
finely ground as pounding ground
coffee continues to be sifted.

c. Take the powder of the medicinal
herb about two teaspoons into a
glass brewed with hot water, and
drink it.