How to grow Cannabis at home very cheap and efficiently



  • #1 Seed, Room & Light

First of all you need seeds and something to grow them in. I just used a bucket that i already got. Then i got some regular Pot seeds from a friend for free. They grows very good both indoor and outdoor here in Denmark. It might not be topclass Lemon Haze or OG Kush but it grows very fast under my 100 LED panel with full spectrum and i am having good results! I bought the light panel on for around (50$) and it produce only a little heat so my plants are happy and i dont really need a fan or ventilation but a fan is always good. The plants gets stronger as they move a little in the wind from the fan or from outside. I used a moving box for them to be in because it keeps the bright light in and you can fit a LED panel in it if you cut a hole. I dont have the numbers but A LED panel use much less electrisity, compared to HPS or MH light bulbs that cost around (40-60$) for a bulb and for the bulb to spread light we also need a Balast that will cost you further (150-250$) plus it spend so much electricity, especially if you have a big grow room or grow tent (150-200$) the cops show up and find out that you are growing medicine for you self. Or you are going to have a big electrisity bill. Too much heat can be hard to control and i think it is a fire hazard to use HPS or MH even though i used them in the past and that they are emitting some serious light. LED is still better if you ask me. A Thermometer cost you (20$) and it can measure if its too hot or humid and is a very good and cheap tool. If the plants are getting too much heat the leafs will start curls up, which is a sign of heat stress usually and can slightly make the plants grow slower or the plant will stop growing for a week or maybe more, the worst case scenario they end up dying. The next problem is you will need a fan and some type of ventilation system with a carbon filter to keep the temperature right and the filter will hide the lovely smell of Cannabis, especially if you are growing something delicious that the neighbors can smell! Together it might cost about 150-200$.




  • #2 Soil and Watering
    The soil is very important and there are some overpriced that does it good, but not the big difference in my opinion. You can use the most soil types. The best result i have tried is when i make a mix of 60% soil from a store, 20% Perlite and %20 leca.
    Its fine if the soil gets dry as long the plants dont start hanging with its leafs. If you really dont want to drown your plants a growing pot with drain is a good idea, if not a must. You can put you finger 1-2 cm down in the soil and feel if its dry and if it is then give it a liter or two if you have a big pot. The top of the soil can be a little dry but thats normal.
    But for this grow i will just use regular soil from a store. Its only about 5 $.
    When it comes to watering i usally only give my plants 1-2 liters 1-2 days a week depending on size of the plant and how much soil the pot can fit. You have to try yourself to learn it. Remember that the soil should be lose but not so much that the plants cant stand up steady, but with air for the roots to spread.


  • #3 Fertilizer
    When the plants are 2-3 weeks old you can start fertilize them. Try not to drop fertilizer on the leafs, as this can stress the plant or burn leafs if the fertilizer is strong. When it comes to the fertilizer there are many types that is specially designed for Cannabis and they can be a bit pricy but most of the times they do their job good. Many others are also fine. You have to read on the fertilizer you have and follow its instructions. If you give your plant to much they will end up sick, dead or with a bad harvest.
    The only solution to this is to flush with water, but only if you pot has drain, else you might just end up drowning them.
    Always flush the plants 1 - 3 days before harvesting them to cleanse and detox the buds.

Recommended Fertilizer :


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