A reflection i had today


Today I woke up with a lot of energy, surrounded by a lot of love and the desire to eat the world, until the news on RRSS made me land.
The death of a famous person, like thousands of others who have lost the battle against this virus. I couldn't help but feel sad, even though I didn't know him.

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I immediately ran to find who it was. Looking at his Instagram and his projects, I saw that he was a beautiful human being, with many dreams and projects to fulfill this 2021.

The latter made me reflect on several things, among them, if I was really living or am I as a zombie, fulfilling the roles I learned to be "a normal person."

This pandemic, like many others, came to shake me, to show me that life is very fleeting, that we are vulnerable, that many times we let our fears and limitations take over us.

This is because we take for granted that we have all the time in the world to fulfill our dreams and sometimes not even ourselves, in the midst of everyday life that drags us like a river without a cause, we stop to think if we are really being happy, doing what we like , or if on the contrary, we are complying with standards and living the life that others impose on us.

Whatever my answer, I just want to feel that today I made the decision to live my life my way, that if tomorrow I die at the hands of this virus or the thousands of causes that could originate it, on my deathbed, I can look back and feel at peace with myself because I was EXTREMELY HAPPY, doing what filled my soul and not what I was supposed to do.

I decide to live without fear of being wrong, LIVING more present and consistent allowing myself to do what I want, because, in the end, it is my life and only I decide what to do with it.

We value life more because it is the best gift that God gave us at birth....

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