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I am a Nigerian and over here jungle justice is the order of the day. Now one would ask what jungle justice is;

It is a form of mob rule in which people take the law into their own hands and punish alleged offenders for perceived heinous crimes. Jungle justice is also referred to as mob or street justice and can lead to extra-judicial killing

Jungle justice is rampant across sub-saharan Africa. Every day at least one person on the continent faces torture or even death at the hands of irate citizenry determined to be judge, jury and executioner.
The victims are deprived of rights to which everyone is entitled under the rule of law. Punishment is normally barbaric, usually involving stoning or burning of the unfortunate individuals in a public place.

In Africa Cameroon and Nigeria are said to have the highest rate of jungle justice, this is so sad😪😪
A lot of innocent Africans have fallen victim to jungle justice.
Jungle justice is a serious human rights abuse which continues to persist and grow in Africa.
People tend to take laws into their hands because of the slow pace of the African judicial system, it makes the people impatient, hence they engage in extra-judicial killings, which is illegal and a violation of human rights.

A lawyer from Malawi by name Enock Chibwana, also sees “deficiencies in criminal justice system" as contributing to the spread of jungle justice.
Funny enough many innocent people has lost their lives through this cruel way of death.
I just remembered a story of a man that was accused by a woman that he stole from her and he tried pleading that he was innocent but his voice was over Crowded by the noise of the angry mob before he knew what was happening tyre was put over his neck, fuel was sought for and poured on him, and boom fire was set on him, while the fire was burning the man the woman's son ran to the mother telling him he has found the money but it was too late, the man was already burnt without recognition😫😫😫, Ha! It was too pathetic, this man was a father and a lovely husband, when the wide got the news she slumber and died.
This man isn't the only innocent one that has died in this way several other people has gone that way too.

It beats my imagination how this act is often carried out or enacted swiftly, sometimes with local police standing by and watching, doing nothing, hmmm so pathetic.

I ask again is jungle justice really necessary?
Some people have justification for doing this. Some say when arm robbers are being caught and handed over to the police their love ones has a way of maneuvering and they will be released and this saw arm robber will go back to the community and continue in their wicked ways.
So the best thing to do is to serve them jungle justice before the police could when come, so sad.
If you have ever witness someone that has been served jungle justice you will agree with me that it isn't really a nice sight to behold😪😪😪😪

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A young boy was caught sometimes ago in my state Akwa-ibom state in Nigeria, he was stealing and some people pleaded for his release but it fell on deaf years, a man came up to pay and plead on his behave not because the man supported his act but was not just comfortable with the jungle justice but the angry mob refused the money and ask the boy to say his last prayers, with tears in his eye he pleaded that his mother should not weep for him, that he deserved to die, being that he didn't heed to her advice, after those words right in front of his mother he was set ablaze😪😪😪😦😦😦😦😦😦, what a terrible sight for a mother to behold😞😞😞😞

Its more pathetic seeing that Jungle justice doesn't bring any form of solution to criminality in the country's, it has not reduced crime in Africa but has rather multiplied the number of human right abuses in the continent. All what we need is proper education and enlightenment for the people to tell them of the consequence of using extra-judicial measures when an individual has not been convicted by a properly constituted court of law.
African institutions need to counter the negative perceptions that surround them and show that they are there to address the issues of all citizens. Then we can see eradication.
Most Africans yearn for a society which is just and fair; a place in which everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Governments must act to end jungle justice which has already taken the lives of so many innocent citizens.

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Having read through this write up would you support Jungle justice or not?
Would you want an arm robber put to death in such a way, would you support jungle justice to be served to anyone label thief, what if the person is wrongly accused or innocent just like the first man I talked about, I need your suggestion on this.

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ALUU 4 is an archetypal example 💔😢. ......and at the of the day, the guys were wrongly accused after being dealt with to death.