Our Government Lacked Accountability.


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When I said our government has gone rogue
I mean it since they are out of touch, never in vogue
Everything they touched, they would leave it broke
Check with our foreign reserves, they are all in smoke
Every time we call their attention to it, they kill because we spoke
They want us to be suffering and smiling as our back they stroke
Nothing is ever serious with them, we are nothing but a joke
They sit in their mighty highs, mixing with their rum a soda of coke
They send threats forgetting we elected them, they said they don't want to be provoked
We have left too many things to chances, it's high time we stay woke
They are dressed in all white apparels and cloak
Thinking they are the answers to our problems but God's wrath they will invoke
As the cry of the oppressed came to Him with the heavy yoke
They are robbing us and to our faces they don't care, rather our eyes they poke

I know there are other countries similar to Nigeria but the heights of lack of accountability in this country weakens me. They have forced us to speak yet they keep drowning our voices because they would rather oppress and kill than to be wrong. They never cared how we feel, what we think, what we can do even and they have turned the deaf ears to international communities too. I blame those even for borrowing us money continually without seeing any significant changes. When there is no return on investment, why keep borrowing us the money?

Land flowing with milk and honey? Yes...but what have we done with them?