No One Can.


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We always strive to instil our values and virtues in others
We want others to see things our ways as we show a bit of selfishness in our nature
We seem to be so focused on our views and the things we want
We want others to ditch their opinions just to embrace ours
There is always this desire for most humans to be right
We would rather be right than wrong and that's how most people behave
We want to gain the world and turn everyone into a slave
We want to control things, even things we shouldn't be controlling
We want to put out feet on the ground while watching others take to strolling
Life is way more than our views alone because we are all different
Our experiences shape our views about life
And if we don't have the same experience, how do you expect to hold the same opinion?
Most people have deluded themselves into thinking everyone should understand
People can only fully understand what they have experienced in-depth
It's never our responsibility to change anyone
We have no power to change anyone except they really want to change
We can point them in the direction to go but they still have to walk the length
It's never about how forceful we are but about the other person's strength
No one has the power to change anyone except they want to
That's why everyone is responsible for his or he actions
Since no action would be considered blameless unless the will was so
For by the will, the act was dictated
We are shaped by experiences and where we are situated
We need the wisdom to accept the things we cannot control



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