Do It Afraid.

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Fear is needed in life and it depends on how you want to channel it
Fear of what lies ahead has encouraged many to push harder
Sometimes it hard to slack off when you see mounting responsibilities
And often times most people have caved under the weight of it
It's all about how we choose to see fear that determines what steps we take
There is nothing we do in life without a certain amount of risks
You stepped out of your house without a guarantee to be back
It won't stop you from going out anyway but you act in fate
Most people hav allowed fear to keep them lying in state
Yet, they blame others for having nothing on their plate
You have to take risks to climb even if you have to use the crate
You can't fold your arms if you want to have the world to rate
Value must be exchanged and the world steps aside for those who can do it afraid
Nothing is certain except for death and taxes
You never know which is your next breakthrough until you try
How can you get that job when you don't even apply there?
How do you know your direction when you won't ask those who know where?
Life itself is a risk and that's why we are all here
Do it afraid and the next breakthrough you seek might just be near
You might not be able to see the whole staircase but take one step at a time

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